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One more way to serve your customers.

These conversion-optimised emails are my area of specialty.

The first thing that you should know about email marketing is that IT WORKS. Your customers are opening their emails everyday (and if they are like me, several times a day). So, any email that you send has a chance to be seen and acted upon.

The second thing is that the emails that are acted upon – the ones that get your customer to stop scrolling, click and buy your product – are deliberately crafted.

They are conversion-optimised emails that are written to get your subscriber to take an action, whether that’s buying a product or getting on a waitlist to hear about your upcoming launch.

“Absolutely thrilled with the outcome.”

“I hired Amina to assist with the email campaign workflow for our brand, Hingees. Throughout the entire process, from onboarding to multiple reviews and final delivery, Amina consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism. The end result surpassed my expectations in every aspect. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

Hammed O. – Hingees

If you are an ecommerce brand that is ready to:

✔️Stop ignoring your email list and start using it as another revenue channel

✔️Get more people to love your products

✔️Increase your current revenue without increasing your workload

Then I’m happy to work with you to make email marketing a profitable part of your business.

If you haven’t been to my home page, then, hi!

My name is Amina, and I am an email strategist and copywriter for eCommerce brands. Businesses like yours hire me to write value-driven emails that make their subscriber’s life better while making them more money.

As an email strategist and copywriter, my job is to create the best email experience for your subscribers, such that they become buyers and ultimately brand fans.

This email experience is not about sending your subscribers the latest news from your media outreach. Neither is it about putting your brand voice on the latest viral TikTok video. It’s about:


✔️ Understanding where your subscriber is coming from and creating emails that allow them to experience your brand as the solution to their problems (because your products exist to solve their problems and make their lives better, right?)

As an email strategist and copywriter, my zone of genius is creating email strategies from scratch and writing email flows (AKA email sequences) for every stage of a subscriber’s journey.

A new subscriber who signed up for a discount on your website? I can write a Welcome Flow that helps them get to know your brand, such that they don’t forget about you after using the discount.

A first time buyer? I can help you give them a warm welcome to the brand with a Post-Purchase email flow that goes beyond updating them about their order and provides a stellar customer service (without your staff lifting a finger)

Are shoppers adding products to cart on your website but not checking out? I can create an Abandoned Cart flow that draws them back in with the benefits of your products.

Whatever stage your subscriber is in with your brand, we can create an email flow that gives them the best experience (while making you more money).


A few things you should know:

While I wish that I could help all e-commerce brands, I’m a one-veiled-woman army, therefore I can’t take on all projects. Here are a few things to get us started:

  • My favourite industries to work in are beauty, food & beverage, health & wellness, baby goods, lifestyle, and home goods. 
  • I  don’t work with brands that sell products such as alcohol, ammunition, pork products, etc. because those products go against my religious values.
  • I don’t work with people who dislike Muslims.
  • I work directly with a brand’s decision maker – Founder or Brand Owner. Of course, other relevant-to-email people on your team are welcome to be a part of the project.
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