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Have you been struggling with low email open rates, quick unsubscribes and email campaigns that bring little sales?

“Or does your email list have more “I’m-here-for-the-discount subscribers than customers?

Not anymore.

Email is one of the biggest money makers and brand loyalty builders in the e-commerce world.

And I guess you know that already.

You have a nice list size because people are happy to subscribe to your list in exchange for coupons. And every time you send out sales emails, you get a handful of orders…or none at all.


But you wonder if the results can be better. If only more people can open your emails, subscribe for longer and buy more from you.


You’ve seen other businesses in your industry report increasing MRR while crediting their email marketing as the source of the growth. But you can’t understand why it’s not happening for you, so you double down your Instagram and TikTok marketing efforts.

What if I told you that you can make more money for your business with email marketing? And have customers switching apps straight to their inbox when your brand’s name show up in the notifications bar?

You need emails that are research-driven, customer-focused, and strategically planned to bring the maximum ROI.

Hi, I’m Amina.

Email strategist and conversion copywriter that helps e-commerce businesses increase their sales and build brand loyalty with email.

I help businesses like yours make more money and build a relationship with their customers through strategically-planned email flows.

When you work with me as your copywriter and email strategist, you get emails that are:

  • Tailored to your brand voice
  • Researched to speak to your audience
  • Written with the best copywriting method that is proven to convert

If you are ready to ditch generic email templates from your e-commerce platform and convert your customers with strategically written emails, click the contact button below and let’s get to work. 

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My Services


Email Audit

Wondering why the emails you have right now are not converting as you expect? An email audit will show us the problem.

Email Strategy

Behind every converting email is a well-planned strategy. Let’s create an email strategy that aligns with your business goals.


Email Copy

Ditch your non-performing emails and let me write emails that convert for your business.

Pearls by Ray
Colony Housekeepers lagos