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You’ve nailed your Instagram and TikTok marketing strategy. People love your content and happily buy your products. It’s time to replicate that success where it matters more - your customer’s email inbox

If you’ve got real people willingly handing over their email address to you so that you can tell them about your products, but you don’t know what emails to send, I’m here to help you.

Hi! My name is Amina, and I am an email strategist and copywriter for eCommerce brands. Businesses like yours hire me to write value-driven emails that make their subscriber’s life better while making them more money.

email copywriter for ecommerce brands

A little side note: yes, that’s an illustration of me. I’m a niqab-wearing Muslim woman.

(Yes, I willingly and lovingly wear it. Yes, I can breathe in it. No, my husband didn’t force it on me :))

Now that we’ve gotten that elephant out of the way, let’s see the services that you can hire me for, shall we?


Email Audit

If you currently have email flows (AKA automated email sequences) but they are not delivering the results you expect, I can run an audit of the flow(s) and give you recommendations on how to improve them.

Email Copy

Hire me to write emails that are backed up by copywriting principles and customer research, so that you can show up in your subscriber’s inbox to build a long-lasting relationship while making more money.

Email Strategy

You don’t have to do what you see other brands doing. Let’s create an email strategy that is focused on your customers, your brand, and your business goals.

It’s time to take your brand popularity beyond social media and into the inbox.

My email copywriting services are a good fit for you if:

You have a growing list of email subscribers (and customers) who willingly gave you their email address but you have no email flows in place to give them a good experience with your brand.

You want to make sales on autopilot with email, even when you are not sending out weekly newsletters.

You are ready to invest in making your email marketing as good as your social media marketing, but you simply can’t add email as another “to-do” on your list.

This is not about repurposing your social media content. It’s about:

✔️Giving your brand one more way to connect with your audience.

✔️Spreading the word about the products that you’ve worked hard to create.

✔️Building another revenue channel for your brand.

What other people have said about me

“Absolutely thrilled with the outcome.”

“I hired Amina to assist with the email campaign workflow for our brand, Hingees. Throughout the entire process, from onboarding to multiple reviews and final delivery, Amina consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism. The end result surpassed my expectations in every aspect. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

Hammed O. – Hingees

Let’s get started with emails that convert.

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